Ciprian Ariciu
Professional Ceramics


I am trying to bring important elements in my works, aspects that we pass by every day and do not notice; small things, though vital for our spiritual life. My works seek harmony, balance, approaching organic elements (nature). These speak about me, about us. This harmony is the primordial law for me, the Law of the Universe that guides us all. As an artist, I enjoy sharing the gift of creation with those who love art or not, with those who understand it or with those who do not understand, but contemplate it. My shapes represent what I feel is lacking in our world, as a bridge between human and Divine, between body and Heart, between earth and Fire, as art really is the key (relation) element between humans and Divinity. Hence what is made only physically, without heart, cannot be called art. Each and every one of my works bears a bit of my heart.
This is how I chose to offer people a part of myself; the best part of myself.

Member of National Artists Union of Romania (UAP)

Member of L’Académie Internationale de la Céramique IAC  Geneva

2016 “Semn peste om” (Sign over Mankind)- „Cuhnia Brancoveneasca Gallery, in Comana Crafts Village, Giurgiu

2010 „ Germinatie” (Germination), Comparative Art Museum, Sângeorz Băi, R

2014 „Birds”, Kavarna Gallery,Bulgaria

2013 „The Hill”, Kavarna Gallery,Bulgaria

2012 „The Wave”, Kavarna Gallery,Bulgaria

2010 „The sound of the sea”, Kavarna Gallery,Bulgaria

2010 “In memoriam Costel Badea”, “Ion Nicodim” Gallery, Mamaia Exposition Pavillion, Constanţa

2010 L’Art Céramique Contemporain Roumain”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France

2009 International Biennial of Ceramics, IXth edition Aveiro, Portugal

1999 19th Graphics Biennial, Sint Niklaas, Belgium, “Ex Libris”- Theme: Literature

1997 First Youth Graphics Biennial, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

1997 18th Graphics Biennial, Sint Niklaas, Belgium – “Ex Libris”- Theme: Fairytale

1997 International Arts Exhibitions, Painting (India)

1995 International Arts Exhibitions, Graphics (S.U.A., Argentina)

2015 Ceramic Artists Exhibition – Matei Corvin House of UAD Cluj-Napoca

2014 Shortsighed Presbiopic Blindfolded Group Exhibition and Performance Allegra Nomad Gallery –Tipografia Hall – Plastic Fund – Bucharest

2013 “Towards the Land of the Rising Sun” Ethnographic Museum Franz Binder, Sibiu “Informal Identities”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

2012 ”Mica-Cera-Mica”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

2012 National Decorative Arts Salon, XII th edition, Cotroceni National Museum

2011 National Ceramics Salon “Costel Badea”, first edition, ”Ion Nicodim” Gallery, Mamaia, Pavillion, Constanța

2010 National Decorative Arts Salon, XI th edition, Cotroceni National Museum

2009 „Romanian Ceramics Today”, Brancovenești Palaces in Mogoşoaia,

2007 “Directions – Group Exhibition”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

2007 “Student’s Salon”, VIII th edition, Tulcea

2006 ”Receptacle” National Exhibition, VIth edition, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2005 ”Receptacle” National Exhibition, Vth edition, Galateea Gallery – Bucharest “National Ceramics Salon”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

2004 “Group Exhibition”, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

2014 International Ceramics Symposium – Panevezys-Lituania

2010 International Festival of Sand Sculpting, Rorschach am Bodensee, Switzerland

2009 International Land Art Symposium, Sângeorz Băi, Romania

2008 „Goshogawara Woodfire Festival”, Kanayama, Japan

2007 „ARTceramica”, Troyan, Bulgaria

2016 “Maraton Raku”-Gura Vitioarei ,Prahova-Romania

2015 “Maraton Raku”- Gura Vitioarei, Prahova-Romania

2014 Kamen Bryag-Bulgaria

2013 Kamen Bryag-Bulgaria

2012 Kamen Bryag-Bulgaria

2010 Kamen Bryag-Bulgaria

2016 Public event “Raku in Comana Crafts Village”, Giurgiu

2015 Stone Workshop, Floresti, Prahova

2010 Re-mixed Ceramics Interactive Exposition, Banat Village Museum, Timişoara

2007 “National Ceramics Workshop”, Sângiorz Băi

2005 “Experiment RAKU”, Curtea U.N.A., Bucharest 2003 International One Day Action, “Apparition, Disappearence and Metamorphosis”; Assemblage Gallery, Mariott Hotel, Bucharest

2015 Ceramic summer school „Artemix”, Bacau, Romania

2012 Medieval camp for kids, Moeciu, Romania

2011 Optional courses for kids „Drawing, colour, modelling”, Bucuresti, Romania

2010 Optional courses for kids „Drawing, colour, modelling”, Bucuresti, Romania

2011 Grant of the Constanta Chapter of UAPR (Romanian National Artists Union)

2010 First Prize, International Festival of Sand Sculpting, Rorschach am Bodensee, Switzerland

2007 – 2009 – Master in Ceramics-Glass-Metal, National Arts University – Bucharest

2003 – 2007 – National Arts University – Bucharest Department of Ceramics within the Decorative Arts and Design Faculty