IAC Member since 2017


The goal of IAC is to stimulate friendship and communication between professionals in the field of ceramics in all countries. IAC develops and encourages all forms of international cooperation to promote ceramics and to encourage and maintain the highest level of quality production in all ceramic cultures.

Since its founding in 1952 by Henry J. Reynaud, director of the Swiss Museum for Ceramics and Glass, the organization of the IAC has changed and evolved. Originally, it had a strong diplomatic background, merging representatives from national museums and cultural organizations. Ceramists where invited as consultants.

Today the Academy is the only association devoted to the medium of clay that functions on an international level. IAC combines ceramists, potters, artists, designers, authors, collectors, gallerists, conservators, restorers’, curators as well as a panel of prestigious institutions.

Thanks to their respective forms of expertise, members of IAC are regularly invited to participate in Congresses, residencies, to submit articles for publication as well as being asked to jury international exhibitions and competitions.

More than 60 years after its founding IAC, more than ever, remains steadfast to its commitment to being at the center of an international community representing ceramics at the highest levels. Postulating the universality of ceramic culture as a basic value, IAC continues to foster a dialogue between cultures to assure the continued appreciation of all of the manifestations of ceramics.