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I am trying to bring important elements in my works, aspects that we pass by every day and do not notice; small things, though vital for our spiritual life. My works seek harmony, balance, approaching organic elements (nature).

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Raku is a fascinating ceramic processing technique. Its traces take us back in time, to sixteenth-century Japan, but this art, passed down from generation to generation, amazes even today with its strength and simplicity. It is still practiced by Japanese craftsmen, but also by European ceramic artists, due to the spectacular creative process and surprising color effects.


When we work one-to-one you’re going to get all the attention and direct guidance from me, in real time. The activity is carried out in a personalized way, we work on your ideas and we find the most suitable solutions (from the sketch to the final piece). In case of technological problems, when you can’t travel, with the piece, the material, etc. I will come to your work place.


Specific event on ceramics:
– Selection, preparing and testing the materials to be used in the event
– Testing the kilns and equipment to be used during the event
– Construction of a temporary kiln for a specific event
– Providing of materials, tools, equipment needed for the event (raku kiln, burners, pliers, metal boxes, shelves, combustion legs, etc.)
– Assistance during the event

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