The work is divided into segments and plans. The platform at the base, with its high edges, symbolizes the waiting and preparing for our arrival. The lower part of the cylinder represents the way we are shaping as individuals through learning and assimilation – a rigid frame from which we do not know that we can step out, that does not fully define us. The belt at the bottom, with a texture slightly roughened in black and white, make us contemplate on the power of ancestral genetic information, on what we receive as resources, lessons, giving us the power to grow, to develop, to be stable. The windows colored in blue on a white background symbolize the life, the joy and the positive aspects that we discover in us. At the top, the clean, clear shape of the cylinder is changing, becoming more open, but at the same time with strong accents and details. The black-white contradiction arises, giving rise to strong emotions, insurrection, pursuit, and finally liberation. As a result of this process, we learn to contain ourselves, which is symbolized by the presence of the bowl in the upper part of the ceramic work.

Material: Stoneware Medgidia, Romania

Firing temperature: 980 °C

Dimensions:  45/25/40


Image from Koobart.