The work presents through the volumetric line, an image of the society that offers individuals a set of values, norms and rules but the way the society works creates also obstacles and limitations.

When we are born the life seems an unlimited series of opportunities, but the moment of perfection is unique and short. We quickly become members of a society that wants us to be integrated, involved and submissive. In such a society power and competition are the basic pillars of existence.

“The strongest succeeds” becomes about pride and infatuation and not about survival, creating social extremes hard to accept.

Molding your personality in such a society is painful and it leaves deep scars … you need to learn to compromise. Thus, unconsciously we learn to give our own value in exchange to the end of having: knowledge, models, energy, less loneliness, the feeling of belonging and value …

In the end we find our balance with us and with others by returning to ourself.

Ciprian Ariciu_-6

Material: Stoneware Medgidia, Romania

Firing temperature: 1170 °C

Glazed stonewoare

Dimensions 56 cm/30 cm/30 cm

Image from personal archive.