Listen II

The works from the cycle “Listen” stand for a communication of the living beings through the material world, living beings meaning absolutely everything that moves, starting from molecular level, irrespective of the language used. These works select that part of the living world that is not human, that communicates with humans through the sounds produced by artificial elements. Hence, I propose vegetal forms, bulbs, plants, that use not only light, water and soil for growing, but also music (it was scientifically proven that plants listen to music and that this really affects their development or underdevelopment). Therefore, the verb “listen” does not refer only to the need of music of the vegetal world for growing, but it is an invitation addressed to humans to listen to the vegetal world in order to complete a circuit of life. It is about communication at a sensory, energetic level.

Material: Stoneware Medgidia, Romania

Firing temperature: 980 °C

Dimensions:  90/35/85