Stilt House III

The works intend to produce a desymbolization? of the architectural element. Stilt houses/Lacustra symbolized a social class under the existential limits – therefore this state and atmosphere were associated to this, being first a symbol of poverty. Helped by artistic means, the onlooker can live something different than the real state; anyone can create their own atmosphere, their own poetry, thus choosing from a whole only what is of interest for them, what is specific to them, depending on their state.

Material: Stoneware Medgidia, Romania

Firing temperature: 980 °C

Dimensions:  90/35/85


The works of art give way to the onlooker’s fantasy, changing the negative, pessimistic atmosphere associated to living in these forms of (primitive) architecture, inviting the onlooker to a contemplation of  volumes in dialogue with color, of the full part as compared to what is empty.


Image from personal achive.