Tumult of the Earth

The ceramic work speaks about the effects produced by the exaggerated needs of humanity, which lead to the destruction of the natural harmony of the Earth. Until we get in harmony with the Earth, it will respond in kind to our actions because nature works according to a very simple law: Balance

The loss of balance leads to deep turmoil from a geological, climatic, political and administrative point of view.

The tremor is represented in the work by the upper surface and the coarse texture at the base.

The notion of a home (of humanity) in which the mood should be friendly becomes heavy and uncomfortable, which is represented by the dirty windows and the white surface around them that should have been clean.

From the author's point of view, the work represents the mirror of the situation in which humanity is at the moment.

Ciprian Ariciu_Freamatul Pamantului V

Material: Stoneware Medgidia, Romania

Firing temperature: 1180 °C

Glazed stonewoare

Dimensions :38cm/30,5 cm/61 cm

Image from personal archive.